Writing Robust C – Best Practices for Finding and Preventing Vulnerabilities

For EIP-4844, Ethereum clients need the ability to compute and verify KZG commitments. Rather than each client rolling their own crypto, researchers and developers came together to write c-kzg-4844, a relatively small C library with bindings for higher-level languages. The idea was to create a robust and efficient cryptographic library that all clients could use. … Read more

OUKITEL OT5 Smart Tablet Arrives with 12-inch Eye-Safe Display, MTK G99 Chip and 11000mAh Battery

Oukitel, a renowned brand in the rugged phone industry, is making significant strides in launching new devices and innovations to capture a larger market share. Leveraging the excitement of the Double 11 shopping frenzy, Oukitel is introducing a 12-inch OT5 smart tablet with a powerful MediaTek G99 processor and 11.000 mAh battery. The official premiere … Read more

Bringing insurance industry innovation to AWS re:Invent | Insurance Blog

A year ago at re:Invent, Accenture and AWS announced a joint investment to accelerate cloud migration and industry differentiation for our clients. Increasing demand in commercial underwriting made insurance the obvious industry to blaze the trail. At AWS re:Invent 2022, Anand Premsundar and I will talk about how innovation transforms experiences, processes, and decision-making for … Read more

the relentless resilience of peer-to-peer electronic cash « Kraken Blog

In 2008, an 8-page white paper outlined a new form of money. Today, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Bitcoin. On October 31, 2008, an anonymous entity named Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper for a decentralized, “peer-to-peer electronic cash system.” The Bitcoin white paper was a direct response to the systemic weaknesses laid bare … Read more

The Role Of LinkedIn In The Tech Industry: Connecting Professionals And Forging Opportunities

In the dynamic and constantly evolving realm of technology, networking and staying updated on industry trends and breakthroughs are fundamental for achieving career excellence. Among the long list of platforms available, LinkedIn has emerged as an indispensable tool for professionals navigating this terrain.  As the premier social networking site tailored for businesses and career professionals, … Read more

Change Log: Version 1.83 – Bitfinex blog

01 Nov Change Log: Version 1.83 Posted at 18:30h in Change Log by Maria Lobusova The Bitfinex Change Log is an overview of all performance and UI changes made to the Bitfinex trading platform. For an overview of all previous changes, please refer to blog.bitfinex.com/category/changelogs. Version 1.83 Features Updated the ticker volume settings to show … Read more

June 2021 Report & Analysis. While Bitcoin is busy seesawing in a… | by Alyona Shepilova | The CPAY Blog

While Bitcoin is busy seesawing in a slim-fitting range, Cryptopay launched 4 new coins and is smartening up for you. Here’s in details: Numbers Total June 2021 revenue: €1,420,315June 2021 Revenue share: €142,031Share per 100 CPAY: €0.157Distribution date: July 9th, 2021June 2021 Revenue share in ETH: 78.1204 ETH Analysis After a monthful of continuous struggle, … Read more

Which one should you buy?

UPDATE: 11/01/2023 16:00 EST BY ROLAND UDVARLAKI We regularly update posts to ensure they’re up-do-date. We included the recently unveiled new Apple MacBook Pro laptops and the refreshed 24-inch iMac, and made several other changes to the entire list to provide more relevant and useful information. Apple has recently finished the transition from Intel-based chips … Read more