Samsung’s most intriguing fitness tech of 2024 isn’t Galaxy Ring or Watch 7 — it’s Galaxy AI

Sunday Runday

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In this weekly column, Android Central Fitness Editor Michael Hicks talks about the world of wearables, apps, and fitness tech related to running and health, in his quest to get faster and more fit.

Samsung’s 2024 lineup of devices is shaping up to revamp its Health app and fitness tools, catering to sporty users in a way we haven’t seen from Samsung since its last Galaxy Active watch. The question is, will Samsung’s major AI push — and devices like the Galaxy Ring — do enough to make Samsung competitive for fitness again, or does it need to go even further?

I criticized Samsung’s fitness efforts last year, mainly due to some wonky health and GPS data when reviewing the Galaxy Watch 6. While Apple and Google pushed hard in 2023 to improve Apple Fitness Plus and Fitbit Premium on their watches, Samsung’s efforts felt more perfunctory and outdated. 

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